Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Theory of Evolution

I know that if I step back from the canvas and take in the entire scope of the story, I am only at the beginning. There is so much that is hard to see right now. I know that "this too shall pass" and before I know it I'll be painting the walls of my new apartment in Brooklyn, and taking bitter cold walks to Tia's house for wine and chit chat like before. I know I'll look back on this and think of how grateful I am that I was such a hanger-on-er. But right now, for this moment and for the few days immediately surrounding me, I am miserable. From the cockroach invasions to some of the country-ass social retards I deal with at work, to the bittersweet awfulness of living so close to Desman and so far from my family. It's times like these a girl like me needs to make a few simple lists:

Things That Make Me Miserable:

  1. The girl at work who thinks I'm an idiot and doesn't realize I'm just more polite than she.
  2. When D acts like we're strangers.
  3. The fact that we actually ARE strangers.
  4. My hair…I never should have straightened it.
  5. Those disgusting cockroaches that crawl around all over the fucking place.
  6. How being "different" isn't considered a commodity here (in this city).
  7. The girl at work who is painfully afflicted with diarrhea of the mouth (different girl).
  8. Hurricane Season.
  9. Not having a car or access to a convenient transportation system anymore.
  10. Weather that feels like living inside a whore's vagina.  

Things That I'm Grateful For:
  1. The ability to write about any and everything that is on my mind (publically or privately).
  2. An amazing best friend who keeps me sane.
  3. An apartment in Brooklyn that is mine for the taking. 
  4. A pretty face. 
  5. A mother who (and I've checked into this) is the BEST kind of mother to have. 
  6. The learned ability to give things a try before I dismiss them. 
  7. My blackberry. 
  8. A place to rest my head, cook my meals and read my books. 
  9. Ossie's return home this Sunday. 
  10. My guts…which will allow me the nerve to chop my hair off again (coming soon!). 
  11. A job that pays me well enough to live, save, and occasionally enjoy myself. 
  12. A detachment with the shitty worldly things that turn people into animals. 
  13. My confidence in my personal belief system; there is a God and she is everywhere. 
  14. Vegetarianism; we live longer and apparently taste better… 
  15. The 50% off coupon I got in the mail for Adam & Eve dot com…. (Google it if you don't know). 
  16. The left over Chinese take out I plan on murdering when I get home today…Lo Mein is my boyfriend. 

So I guess, as long as my list of crummy shit is shorter than my list of fab shit, I'll be ok. True, at this moment…I kind of half want to quit my job and run out into the street screaming "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"….but I also half want to close my eyes for a second and tell myself how strong I am and tell myself I've been through worse and hope that my mother is right about all this; that all the miserable crap is really just to shape us into better people.

(©2009 Lotus B.)


Chaotically Calm said...

I almost destroyed my laptop with tea reading the whore's vagina comment....this is sad but funny as all get out.

And believe it or not I think your mom is right on the money the things that make us feel shitty are so very necessary to make us better people. If we can get through the coal eventually there will be a diamond...I hope anyway!