Thursday, January 21, 2010

ER: A Deadly Disease

I think the scientists and pharmaceutical developers of the world should put down their microscopes (or whatever) and focus on a new epidemic.

Every day MILLIONS are effected by it.

It tears apart homes, ruins lives and futures....

It's something that until a cure is found will be virtually unstoppable.

No, I'm not talking about cancer or obesity....


This sickness is genetically inherited and totally incurable. It lurks in the minds of mostly unsuspecting males but women are not exempt from it's callous and dangerous evolution.

ER is a disease that causes men to unknowingly annoy the people who love them to the point of needing to be confined and often times quarantined from their loved ones.

Until now the only available treatment for ER has been physical abuse or intoxication.

I rally that we search for a better future for our men (and women).

Lets put a stop to Emotional Retardation.

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(©2009 Lotus B.)


Deray said...

Oh boy, things would be so different in every sense without ER. Mature men? it is really hard to imagine.

We should start by training women of bearing age to not spoil their male children and make them mature at a regular pace ;-).