Monday, July 27, 2009

My Brain Has More Than Farted....

There are times in (my) life when one has to allow themselves the luxury of letting all of the millions of thoughts stream through their mind like one of those endless streams of spit that fall out of babies mouths. That thing never breaks or wavers, it goes on forever...and like so many babies spit strings, so are my thoughts today. Here...I'll share them, in random order.

Truck. Highlighter.Mom. Plane ticket.Checking Account. WaMu is Chase. CH-ase. Shase. Cheese. Lunch. Hungry....shit I'm hungry. Fat. Gym. Did I pay them? Hair.Cut. Chop. Sad. Shave? Dare I?, who is it? T-Mobile. Did I pay them?? Carroll street. AJ. Clean up. Plane ticket. Damn...that was a lot of money to spend on a few days. Apartment. Furniture. Car. I need a fucking car. I hate cars. I hate car notes. I want a Beetle. Ugh...bugs. Stick. I should really learn to drive a stick. Cheaper car. Ugh..gas. Gas. Damn....set up utilities. Electric. Why are there so many electric companies. Lol...The Electric Company. TV. Cable. Hell no, no cable. TV sucks. Movies don't. I need a TV for movies. Damn. Another thing to buy. Damn, another thing to move. Move. School. Ugh. Junior. Ugh transfer. Applications. California? Grandma. Comedian. My grandmother wants to be a comedian. She is pretty funny. I should write about her. Writing. Ugh...writers block. 2735 words. Painful. 15 more pages. Please complete "About". About to pass out from all the words. The Right Word. The Written Word. How many dictionaries does one writer need? Need. Shit. I need groceries. And plates. And forks. I have forks. Forks are in Brooklyn. Can you take forks on a plane? Plane...shit. I need a ride to the airport. D? Maybe not. Work. Too much work. Oz works so much. I could never be that way. Must breathe. Must be able to smell the roses. Must have time to write. Time to pray. Time to cook exploratory dishes. Dishes...ugh.