Wednesday, July 8, 2009

30 Day Notice

Every time I talk to Phil, my future room mate in Brooklyn, I start to get excited all over again. Re-discovering the city through someone else's eyes, since he has never been to New York, is something I really look forward to. More than that, however, it's that sigh of relief I plan to have when everything is really said and done.

When I was a kid and we had to move again; another temporary place until...or somewhere to be "for now", my mother would always describe this perfect moment as motivation. When everything is unpacked and we'd all be sitting down to dinner in a new place. Fresh paint, clean slates, a new neighborhood with sparkling possibilities. That was the moment I'd picture in my mind as I packed up the stupid things kids pack when they can't see past the end of the week and insignificant things hold the greatest value.

I may have grown up quite a bit since then, but I still imagine that moment in my mind to keep me from going insane right now. Just looking forward doesn't' cut it. I have to look far enough not to see the dust storm I've kicked up around myself for the moment. Juuuust far enough to see the other side of it all, between the end of the last chapter and the middle of the next.


mr. nichols said...

Indeed. Those transitional phases are for real.