Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oprah Gives Out Free Chicken....Gee Thanks...

For those of you who have not heard of the BOUNTEOUS gift Queen Oprah has bestowed upon us all, let me be the first to inform you.

Oprah Winfrey is now giving away free 2-piece chicken meals (including 2 sides and a biscuit) to all those who want it.

Not that the gesture, I'm sure isn't good news for munchie-hungry pot heads, college students and of course...people living in poverty who no doubt have access to a computer...(ahem). Seriously, though....chicken? KFC chicken at that. For someone who is SO focused on health, eating right and staying fit (although she fell of that wagon too many times to name), she sure cheaps it up when it comes to showering her fans with "gifts".

I guess it's easy for me not to show my appreciation...I don't eat chicken!!

I mean, hello?? What about the MILLIONS of vegans and vegetarians, Oprah? How bout passing out something people really need?.... Like fresh fruit or gas for their tank..?? While your in such a giving mood why not use the millions of dollars it cost to pull this stunt and put some money into our sinking economy?

I understand that Oprah has done a lot...I mean the Oprah Book Club (in which she stamps her unnecessary approval on already classic novels), the African girls school (never mind that she left out millions of African BOYS) and of course, the ever-popular gift-giving ceremony she holds each year for Christmas (when she hands out millions of dollars worth of free shit that no one ever needs).

Maybe I'm just a disgruntled vegetarian, or maybe I'm not alone in this....Oprah woke up one day and decided to feed her minions.

"Hmmm..." she thought, "What do all my negro fans need that I can give them....??"

Greasy Chicken!!!



Yeah, at first I thought it was a joke, scam, you know, one of those cyber stalkers trying to get you to click on a link.... but then I read the story below from another fellow blogger, and was like Whoa?

nothing profound said...

Hilarious! Enjoying you contributions to the discussions. Am a vegetarian myself. But how could you possibly leave California sunshine for the Brooklyn gloom. (Raised and bred in Brooklyn myself-fled first chance I got.)