Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Productivity= The Burn Before the Crash

I've been pretty productive this week. Between keeping my home life in order, posting on my beloved bloggy-blog, juggling final projects in two classes, working a busy day at my day job and throwing in a new night job for good measure, all while keeping a long distance relationship going and preparing for our future... I have to say I'm not quite overwhelmed. I slip in homework where I can fit it, even if it means shoving a sandwich in my face while typing up part of my essay at work. I've been managing to get everything done and even fit in a quality-time phone call with my Grams (which is hard to do since I can't email her and there is a 3-hour time difference.)
The only thing that singes my pantie lace is the fact that every time I seem to get my life in order...JUST A LITTLE...right when I'm feeling like I can handle this whole adult thing....something catastrophic happens that not only derails me, but totally annihilates my motivation. I'm not talking your average issue, like an argument or a checking account mishap, I'm talking about something a serious ailment, or getting fired, or getting cheated on. Something that kidnaps my focus and throws me back to square one in one single swipe.

I'm treading lightly.

So I'm hoping that this post, my very own little shout out to the winds of the universe, serves as an intentional JINX to that whole scenario. I'm begging the "schedule gods" and the "relationship gods" and the "health gods" and whatever else is out there to please be cool. Just let me have this long enough to prove to myself how awesome I really am. Give me till the end of the year...

...I can handle disaster a whole lot better when D is there to catch me.


Da Old Man said...

Here's to wishing for all the best for you.

Chaotically Calm said...

I hear you....every time things go well for me something comes crashing, I like to think of it as fate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and me!