Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In The News...

Not only is Alexis Hutchinson from my home town of Oakland, California; but her story about refusing deployment is part of a very long list of reasons I never will and never have believed in war. The 21 year old single mother of an infant son refused to show up for her flight to Afghanistan because she had no one to take care of her child. She was told at first by her superior that she would have to place him into foster care.

What else could she do?

Before we're anything in this world we're human, and after that, if applicable, we're parents. I don't know how married parents are able to leave their children behind to go over seas, let alone a single mother.

I just thought it was an interesting display of how the military can work sometimes.

*Photo: Associated Press
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Selah said...

Say heffa say what?! I was under the impression that single parents don't have to deploy *shrugs*

My motto? Stay the hell away from the armed forces. Much respect and love for those who participate, because we need them, but I'm surely not the one.

Lotus B. said...

S'all I'm saying man. I couldn't do it personally. ESPECIALLY if I had kids. I just don't think it's that worthy a cause to sacrifice so much personally when military people, their families and the citizens whose taxes pay for it are treated like pieces of lint on a sweater.

Selah said...

Let the church say AMEN!