Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Fresh Air Fund Wants YOU!

Thinking back over childhood, many of us have fond memories of our summers. School was out, the pavement was hot and the lemonade (or red Koolaide) was flowing. Some of us went to visit Grandma, some of us went to Disney Land and some lucky ones got to go away to summer camp. Summer experiences are almost what shapes childhood. Meeting new friends, trying new things, and getting to just be a kid for two months out of the year. But not every child is lucky enough to be able to enjoy their childhood summers. For one reason or another, so many children have to miss out on that vital compound of their youth. Which is why I'm always so excited to write about my favorite non-profit organization, Fresh Air Fund.

Fresh Air Fund takes thousands of New York City youth ages 6 to 18 and gives them the chance to try something new every summer. The Fresh Air Fund's special program called Friendly Town allows host families in the city to welcome a child into their homes for a few weeks out of the summer. These host families come in all forms and share the desire to give a child a summer experience they can cherish for a lifetime. If you or someone you know is in the NYC area and would like to bring a child into your home for the summer, please contact Fresh Air Fund at (800) 367-0003 for information!

Fresh Air Fund also recruits camp counselors to help out at their camps in NYC. You can also provide donations, assist them in their NYC office or help out with several events throughout the year. To find out how you might be able to help, go to www.freshairfund.org

A contribution may only take a summer, but the effect on a child's life will last a lifetime.

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