Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammys: Video Killed the Radio Star

Of course, and as always...the fierce non-supporter of award shows that I am I didn't follow any of the Grammy coverage. Not the ACTUAL Grammy coverage. I mean...let me guess.. Beyonce cleaned up, Rihanna performed, some comedian hosted...someone kissed someone during a presenting speech...and more than a few people had to be "bleeped" out because their manufactured "edginess" was too much for the FCC. I'm sure if I take the 1998 Grammy's show and add an iPod, I've pretty much not missed a thing.

However, I DO (as always) follow the highlights that actually MATTER...the fashion. At used to matter.

This year, as I browsed The YBF, People and (the bible) Women's Wear Daily, my eyes are silently bitch slapped with the birth of something that's been brewing for a few years now...

...REALLY FUGLY costumes.

Of course, I'd like to blame Beyonce like I usually do, but I have to hand this over to that musical strangeness herself, Lady Gaga. I admire her fashion balls, she is an innovator when it comes to her own image. She far surpassed the guts of any other pop star and often enters down-right-ugly when she appears in public just for shock's sake. She got the attention of her audience, that's for sure. I heard about her outfits before I ever heard a bar of her music. When I did hear it...I have to admit it was a little anticlimactic. Yes, her sound is awesome, fun and her lyrics (her's?) are original, but I mean...c'mon, she clearly takes her "sound" ques from Madonna.

However, I digress. This year the chosen duds reminded me less of Grammy worthy stage clothes and more of...well...the 1992 Winter Olympics. It's obviously a "I can top her" game. The half baldies, the Ferdinand piercings, the tattooed fingers, the 9-inch heels, the latex vaginal infection pants, the endless amounts of all vomits into these media hyped events. It's a circus. There's less interesting things coming out of these women's mouths every year. The music? Who even cares anymore? I wouldn't even bash the fits, if it weren't for the fact that music has become a paint by numbers game, at least if you want a Grammy. More creativity goes into the "scandalous" outfits these lady's choose to wear (or should I say "bare") instead of their craft. I'm sorry but, "Single Ladies" isn't exactly speaking to a generation... Ahhh well....that's the Pop game for you. I guess we'll all just have to settle for mediocre borrowed creativity and underfed "role models" prancing around in drag queen outfits that could feed a small country.

(©2009 Lotus B.)


GreenLady7 said...

You know, I am just Sick And Tired of Lady Gaga stealing all my fashion ideas. Let the bi**h come up with some of her own!LOL!