Monday, April 27, 2009

Love Lost & Other Symptoms of Accute Nomadia...

It's been about three months since I left New York, over a year since I left California. It feels like the further I get from home, the less people I know, the more I know myself, the more I understand God.

It's fine. Of course. My mother once told me that because of my creative soul, I was destined to feel alone. Full of thoughts no one could quite understand...and while I find comfort in being so complex.....


So people fall off. But the good thing about that is I'm left with the most amazing "whittled'-down-ed-ness" of friends who are worth their salt and tough as nails.

To the rest, I guess I can't be mad. A friend is usually the product of mutual attention, common ground and good times. I assume anyone who doesn't see the point in staying friends with me has either been greatly offended by me at least once or is butt hurt that I left. Either way, good riddens.

So I've learned in large that good friends respect your journey, even if it takes you far away. A good man will see you as clay, not porcelain and the best things in life are far from free and closer to risky.

If the winds should take me away from this place, I only hope that I land safely and lose only those who want to be lost.