Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goin Back to Cali

Now that Houston has begun to settle into my bones a bit more, it's time to take a trip back home. This will be my first trip home in longer than I care to think about. My best friend Theresa put the phone to my God son Tashawn's mouth and I heard him yell out, "I lub uuuuu!!!!" It was enough to make this girl spring to the computer and look up ticket prices. Just to see his little cheeky face is enough to make me pay full price.

Not only is it Shawnie's birthday but it's about time I saw a few other people. Namely my grandmother. So once again I'll be packing my things and jetting out, this time to West coast. I miss California like I miss good R&B music.

Also, I'll probably be stopping in San Francisco to hit up H&M, juuuuuuust to see whats goin on.